Did you know in upwards of ninety-percent (90%) of credit card debt lawsuits that are filed, the attorney has insufficient (or no) proof that you actually owe a debt? The reason is that the proper documentation was lost or never transferred to the law firm or the debt buyer.

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Whether you owe a debt or not, this book will give you the tools that you need to get these lawyers off your back. An attorney friend of mine once told me, "This is America: deny everything and make them prove you owe them, if they can't, you win".  

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The author Allen Harkleroad is well known as the "Most Dangerous Consumer in America" and helps others fight back against bad debt collection lawsuits. He uses his knowledge and experience to help you.

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You will not find a better legal resource book and experience anywhere else that works.

Have you been sued by a debt collector, junk debt buyer or law firm over a debt? It's quite shocking, overwhelming, and stressful when it happens. Most people that are sued have no idea what to do, and often can't afford to hire an attorney to help. Being sued is mentally, physically, and emotionally overwhelming. I know. I have walked in the same shoes that you are wearing right this minute.

More than 95% of my readers win in court. The information I share with you in this book has been used by not only me, but also other consumers to win debt collection lawsuits; simply put, it works. 


It's time to stop abusive lawsuits, and I show you how. Instead of being afraid or embarrassed I became angry and vowed to teach sue happy debt collectors that I am one consumer that won't take it laying down. My book shows you how to do the same thing. It took a while to learn how to represent myself in court and win against lawsuit happy debt collection law firms and debt collection companies. I kept all of my notes and materials and put them in this book, so I could share with other consumers having similar problems with debt collector lawsuits. I have spent thousands of hours performing legal research to make sure everyone reading can fight back just like I do.

I look at being sued by a debt collector like this: If you are going to sue me, you better have the proof and documentation to validate it. I will fight tooth and nail if the attorney or law firm can't or won't show proper proof. It doesn't matter if I owe the debt or not. 9 out of 10 consumers would win against debt collectors if they just show up in court and fight back. 

Of course it's not possible to guarantee these strategies one hundred percent, but I can say that with only the exception of the first two debt lawsuits (where my learning began), none have gone past my Motion to Dismiss. After those two suits I decided I would learn how to fight a debt lawsuit and win. I have since learned how to get debt collectors, attorneys and the lawsuits to go away. In this book, I will cover original creditor lawsuits and junk debt buyer lawsuits (3rd party collectors), and the similar ways that you will deal with them.

I also cover strategies to keep debt collectors off your back before any lawsuits are filed and how and when to sue a debt collector for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). My ultimate goal is to show you how to overwhelm the opposing attorney and to illustrate to them that, on their part, the burden of proving the debt is going to be an arduous, long, tiring, and expensive journey. Most attorneys will bail out (voluntary dismissal) once they see that they must spend time and money to prove the case. I am not an easy money target and after you read my book neither will you.

As a consumer, I have a very low regard for debt collection attorneys and law firms that file an enormous volume of debt lawsuits. These questionable attorneys are betting the odds that you won't show up or respond to the lawsuit. For them it's all about easy money. Statistically speaking, only one in ten consumers who are sued over a debt, don't respond or show up in court. This is a very sad fact: consumers are giving up their legal right to force these firms to prove they owe a debt or the amount actually owed.  

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I just got a dismissal on a lawsuit involving junk collector Midland Funding - April 26, 2014

"This book is awesome! I just learned yesterday that a lawsuit with notorious junk collector Midland Funding was dismissed! And I owe it all to this book! It never made it past the discovery stage because I followed exactly what he said in the book. I only wish I had this valuable reference when I answered the subpoena, because it probably wouldn't have made it to even discovery. Even if you don't live in Georgia, like I do, I believe this book would still be useful. You just need to reference the laws in your state and apply them to what he says do. He needs to write another book on what to do if it does go to court, because I'm sure that would be very useful as well!" ~ Cherie A Harbin


THE CASE WENT AWAY - "Allen - I purchased your book and won a dismissal for a debt against Portfolio Associates. I just followed your advice and the case went away." ~ Jimmy G.


VOLUNTARY DISMISSAL "Thank for writing this book.... My girlfriend was served with a lawsuit from a junk debt buyer a couple of months ago. We were at a loss on how to proceed. I found you book online and purchased it immediately. We followed the book and showed up in court today. The attorney filed a voluntary dismissal. We were the only ones out over 20 people who fought these VULTURES!!!!! Thank you again for sharing your knowledge." ~ Brett C.

DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE My wife went to court today and had her HSBC - Portfolio Recovery Associates case dismissed, even after the judge gave plaintiff attorney extra 30 days to answer discovery. The attorney couldn't argue the case to dismiss for failing to respond to our discovery! Best money I ever spent. ~ Brian B.

SUMMARY JUDGMENT DENIED "You won't believe how I embarrassed the attorney for Discover Bank yesterday in court. LOL it was to funny he filed for a motion for summary judgment and was denied in front of a court room full of lawyers. He was sweating like we were in the desert it was too funny. The judge than told him that his motion was denied and she made him prepare the court order." ~ Whitfield H.

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